What makes this internet security platform unique.


The main function of Sense Internet Security decentralized application is to protect your computer from threats, flawlessly, every time.


The software has built-in tools such as task management, battery saver, and file cleaners to keep your computer operating at its finest.


We assure that your computer isn’t serving out your information. You work hard for what you have, protect your time and money with Sense Internet Security.


Never lose your phone again. Our reach of safety extends past software, our tools allow you to locate, and control your sense-protected devices from anywhere.


Enjoy a user-friendly interface available for personal and commercial use absolutely free of charge.


Available for many mainstream desktop and mobile platforms such Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


Users can choose to easily install sub-applications from the marketplace to further expand app functionality.


The application, smart contracts, and even platform ownership is decentralized powered by Sense Plus (PLS) Tokens.

Sense Plus Tokens (PLS) Initial Coin Offering

what is sense internet security?

Internet security redefined by blockchain.
A dependable and effective scan for: any threat, any time.

SecuredBySense is an ambitious and definitive blockchain project aimed at innovating the way we analyze and maintain internet security for both consumers and businesses alike.

SecuredBySense is both a cryptographic coin as well as an internet security platform built for speed and accuracy. The application is built for excellence in four ever-expanding focus areas: protection, performance, privacy, and anti-theft.

SecuredBySense will provide an all-new blockchain-backed internet security platform for users to interact with for free. This includes a multi-platform software decentralized application, Sense Internet Security. This includes many different toolsets to efficiently track and manage computer viruses.

  • 100% of Internet users need security against threats

  • 100% of internet users can wield the power of Sense Internet Security

  • 100% of internet users can contribute their skills to this wide-ranging project

  • 100% of internet users can install 100% free software like Sense Internet Security

Two-Stage Development Plan

Step 1: Fuel, Step 2: Fire




Our Team

Jacob Timp

Operations Lead
Jacob is a financial technology journalist specializing in the analysis and management of cryptocurrencies. He is also a student aspiring to enter the financial services field and is an avid Bitcoin enthusiast and trader.

Michael Clenning

Development Lead
Michael is the lead developer with extensive experience in web and mobile application development. His primary goal is to grow the platform to the leading internet security application available.

Virek McCleary

Outreach Lead
Virek is the lead of outreach and has worked closely with the rest of the team to develop an intricate marketing and growth plan for the platform. He has a wife, Sophia, and a dog, Thomas.

Ian Bennet

Solidity Developer
Ian is a graduate student in a Mechanical Engineering program. He spends most of his time either developing smart contracts or going to school.


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