December 28, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will PLS tokens be traded post-ICO?

Following the ICO, PLS are standard ERC-20 Ethereum tokens so they will be available on exchanges that currently trade ERC-20 tokens with realistically little integration needed.

What social media networks is SecuredBySense on?

The official links to all our social media network accounts are available on our website footer. Please use our links to connect with us to avoid people impersonating SecuredBySense development members.

Where can I find the White paper?

You can find the white paper, development plan, and business outline available on our website.

How long will the ICO period be? What payments will be accepted?

The ICO will run 60 days from the 25th of August 2017 12:00 CST to the 24th of October 2017 12:00 CST. We will be accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all altcoins available for exchange with

How will Sense Plus (PLS) be stored post-ICO?

PLS tokens will be stored in a fully decentralized and secure wallet available to all users in the Sense Internet Security application. Reference our whitepaper for more information.

How will Sense secure user ICO accounts?

We will offer optional two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator on user accounts during the ICO.

What is the exchange rate of Sense Plus (PLS) during the ICO?

SecuredBySense will issue Sense Plus (PLS) tokens at a fixed rate during the ICO:

1000 Sense Plus Tokens (PLS) = 1 Bitcoin (BTC)

1 Sense Plus Token (PLS) = .001 Bitcoin (BTC)

What is the total supply of Sense Plus (PLS) Tokens?

The total supply of Sense Plus (PLS) Tokens is 5,000,000 PLS. 5% of the tokens will be withheld for SecuredBySense developers. All remaining unsold tokens will be burnt post-ICO.

Which blockchain technology is SecuredBySense based on?

Sense Plus (PLS) Tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain network. After the Sense Plus infrastructure is fully established, the software may be ported to other blockchains as a factor of stability. Additionally, we will have 3rd parties advisors assess the security of our smart contracts.

Why is SecuredBySense better than other projects?

You can read about the advantages of our project in the Business Outline documentation available on our website.

What is Sense Internet Security?

SecuredBySense is both a cryptographic coin as well as an internet security platform built for speed and accuracy. The application is built for excellence in four ever-expanding focus areas: protection, performance, privacy, and anti-theft.