July 31, 2017


 The SecuredBySense Sense Plus (PLS) Token Initial Coin Offering

The backbone of the SecuredBySense platform and the Sense Internet Security decentralized application is stable Sense Plus (PLS) ERC-20 Tokens. PLS Tokens will be distributed during the SecuredBySense Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Sense Plus Tokens allow for decentralized ownership of the platform.

Additionally, Sense Plus Token holders will receive a dividend of the profits of the platform collected from marketplace commissions. Post-ICO, tokens will be traded on various exchanges supporting ERC-20 tokens.

During the ICO, your PLS Tokens will be held on your account and your balance can be seen on your account page as “points”.


Fact Sheet

ICO Start August 25th, 2017 12:00 CST
ICO End Token Cap Reached or October 24th, 2017 12:00 CST
Token Symbol PLS
Token Full Name Sense Plus Tokens
Token Supply 5,000,000
Exchange Rate 1000 PLS @ 1 BTC
Unused Tokens Burnt post-ICO
Accepted Currencies BTC, ShapeShift Alt-Coins
Role of Token Proof-of-membership, royalty
Official Twitter www.twitter.com/securedbysense
Official Facebook www.facebook.com/securedbysense
Official Instagram www.instagram.com/securedbysense
Wallet Credited to dedicated wallet or Ethereum wallet post-ico

How to Invest



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Buy PLS Tokens with Bitcoin

Buy PLS Tokens with Alt-Coins